Who I am?
Kuba Kruczek, 25, from Poland , moved to Germany . Proud father. Collector of Formula 1 autographs and cards since 2011 and fan of Formula 1 when Robert Kubica started his adventure with BMW Sauber.
Why collecting autographs?
Really I do not remember. After a race I was wondering If it is possible to get any gift from F1 team, so I sent them an email. One week later in my mail box I found letter with signed cards (Pastor Maldonado GP2 card). That is how it started.

My goal?
Catch them all! I miss three living drivers: Brausch Niemann, Claudio Langes and Barber John.
I would like to thank everyone who shares my passion and hobby! I hope you can help me with achieving my goal.

Contact Details

jakubkruczek (at) f1collection (dot) com